Transform your ideas into a profitable, compassion based business

We are incredibly lucky to live in a time where becoming self-employed no longer has to be overwhelming and costly. Investing in yourself and establishing your strategy early on, gives your business the strong foundation to take flight and continue soaring. It's time to evolve into the next chapter of your life/business and invest your valuable time and energy into YOUR OWN DREAM.

There are many roadblocks on the journey to success as an entrepreneur. My goal is to empower you to take massive inspired action and pursue your path with confidence and ease.

My name is Megan Barker and I'm a business + empowerment coach for women entrepreneurs who want to make a positive income + impact while doing what they love!

I work with you one-on-one to overcome obstacles and accomplish your business goals so that you can increase your profits and fulfillment while gaining more freedom + empowerment.


I'm an expert in sales, customer service, and training, which I'm able to combine with my unique education in business, design, writing, and nutrition. I started my business in September 2015 and since then, I've been able to successfully help women get positive results and accomplish their business goals. Whether it's starting from scratch with a fresh idea, or improving an already existing business, I'm able to use my wide set of skills and experience to help you become your own boss and design success on your own terms.

After working with a top business coach myself, I found that what was missing for me to bring my business and service to the next level were the same common struggles and obstacles that many female entrepreneurs are faced with. I was overwhelmed, which had a negative impact on my sales and was doing too many things at once.


My coach helped me realize, I didn't have to do everything alone. After shifting to a solid plan, having accountability, and guidance, I was able to accomplish more in a matter of weeks than I had in the previous months combined. 


I want you to know, you don't need to do it alone either. Which is why I'm so excited to share my new programs with you. Join the movement of women who are accomplishing their goals, making a positive impact on the world, and standing out in their industry.


I'm here to work with you every step of the way.

Design Your Success...


21 Day Program

(3) 45-minute 1:1 private, in-depth, 
coaching sessions 


  • Design Your Success Signature Welcome Package to get you started: stay organized, track your progress and get a clear mindset.


  • Weekly personalized action lists that will fit into your current schedule.


  • 10 days of email support and accountability between coaching sessions, with an extra 7 days of follow-up after the program has ended.


  • Eating For Success ($50 value). 7 Day Meal Plan & How To Avoid Burn Out by  Shawna Barker Bsc., RHN of Synergy Nutrition


  • Teamwork, motivation and total honesty. My 100% commitment to help uncover your potential and accomplish your goals. 

  • *Bonus: A copy of Big Magic  by Elizabeth Gilbert so you can be inspired to share your authentic self with the world and overcome the fears attached to living a creative & empowered life!

    Plus: $50 credit for Coaching By Megan products/services to use after the program has ended. 


60 Day Program

(8) 45-minute 1:1 private, in-depth, 
coaching sessions 


  • Business Evolution Signature Welcome Package to get you started: stay organized, track your progress and get a clear mindset.


  • Weekly personalized action lists that will fit into your current schedule.


  • Email support and accountability between coaching sessions, with an extra 30 days of follow-up after the program has ended.


  • (8) Weekly Assignments each designed to evolve your business to reach your goals and have a successful launch.

  • Eating For Success ($50 value). 7 Day Meal Plan & How To Avoid Burn Out by  Shawna Barker Bsc., RHN of Synergy Nutrition 

  • *Bonus: New logo and business cards ($150 value) Time to get creative and find the perfect logo to represent YOU and your brand.*already have a logo? No prob, we can swap for a different service*

    Plus: One additional 60 minute Private Coaching Session with me after the program has ended. ($250 value!)

Single 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions are also available. Each session comes with an
Action List + one week of email support.

Purchase your 45-minute Session here.  Schedule your Session here.


"Megan is easy to talk to, and provides excellent recommendations. She draws on her own experience as a small business owner, and leverages her expertise to help you grow your own business. I truly appreciate her concrete suggestions, and I would absolutely recommend Megan to anyone who needs some guidance. Thanks Megan!"

 Jesse Holth., Published Writer & Editor

"From her ability to understand and articulate the deep systemic influences on human behaviour, to her ability to make me laugh till I cry, Megan has time and time again given me hope, helped me find clarity, and boosted my self esteem. She has helped me to make life changing decisions that have guided me on a very successful and healthy path, that without her guidance and support, I don’t think I would have made it on my own. I surround myself with a lot of wonderful people, and for a long time now have referred to Megan as the most brilliant person I know. Whether it's assertiveness training, a style guru, a genius business woman, or an honest friend, I truly believe that Megan was put here to share her powerful skills with others."

 Elizabeth Gurney., Child and Youth Care Worker

“Megan is remarkably focused and clear. Her knowledge and the gentle ways in which she brings it forward has made it a very pleasant way of learning for me. She does her research and puts a lot of thought into her advice.  I love the Action Lists! It's helpful and kept me on track. I also appreciate the list of apps, references and links she provided me with. She listens, is sensitive and gives clear advice.”

Ulla Hakanson., Published Author, Fiction Writer

"I first met Megan Barker in 2010 when she interviewed and hired me at the company she worked for. Right away I admired her coaching and management skills, and the way she spoke to and connected with the staff. We've remained close friends since then and last year I decided to confide in Megan about my dreams and aspirations of starting my own Mobile Blow Dry Bar. Together, we created my first business plan and she has provided me with guidance, love and support throughout the entire start-up process. She was a strong foundation in helping me get my business off the ground, and I'm so happy with how much I've been able to accomplish. Megan continues to be very consistent in holding me accountable and helping me plan my short term

and long term goals."

Alicia Chowen., On The Run Hair

"I initially met Megan two years ago when she became part of my management team. I loved working with her and since then, she has remained a trusted friend, advisor and support in my life which I value highly. I was always impressed by both Megan's attitude and performance, and it is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial. Her interpersonal and communication skills allowed her to develop strong, positive working relationships with both our clients and her colleagues quickly and with ease. What I would consider the most unique and most valuable aspect of the time I spent working with Megan was her dynamic perspective and approach." 

Cassandra Peters., Store Manager

DESIGN YOUR Success...


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