You're no basic B. So why have a basic Brand? It's time to turn up the volume on what makes YOU different than the rest.

First of all,  I applaud you for being here. Why? Because starting your own business and creating a new path in life takes a lot of courage. You being here means that you have made the decision to take action and bring your vision to life... it means you're ready to begin building a beautiful, functional, and cohesive brand. It means you're ready to brand like you give a damn!


In the process of completing this program, you will have the opportunity to discover a strong sense of your brand vision, values, voice, and visuals. 

$47  CAD

$97 CAD

Page 1 Excerpt - Branding Intro

Brand consistency is a key factor for building a recognizable, trusted business. Keep in mind that it goes so much deeper than an eye-catching logo, colour scheme, and fancy mood board. Essentially, your brand is your reputation, it's your first impression and it's your customer's experience. Your brand plays a crucial role in building your legacy and long-term success. With that said, building a brand is also a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy this transformational journey of discovery, in both a personal and business sense. It's time to turn up the volume on what makes you different so that you can stand out from your competitors and shine a light on your brand, all while remaining true to yourself.

Get clear on your brand and start attracting your ideal clients by filling out this workbook with as much detail and thought as possible.


The Brand Like You Give a Damn, Self-Study Program comes in the form of a 16 page PDF. The program is divided up into four sections: 

  • YOUR VISION  and the beliefs you have for your business

  • YOUR VALUES and mission statement 

  • YOUR VOICE  style, and your unique factor

  • YOUR VISUALS and how your brand will be recognized both online and offline

It is illegal to reproduce, resell, or share any part of this program. Under no circumstance will you share any of the exclusive information with others, or make it available to others in any way. All self-study programs are final sale. No refunds or exchanges.