8 Favourite Reads of 2016 for the Curious Entrepreneur

What does it mean to be a curious entrepreneur? Be addicted to learning!

Whether it's podcasts, documentaries, a good conversation or books... I love learning something new everyday and finding a way to use that information to improve myself and share the knowledge with others. One of the reasons I love books so much is because they really are the most patient teachers. As someone who has a habit of starting multiple books at once and then taking forever to actually finish - I appreciate them always being there when I'm ready to pick up and start reading exactly where I left off.

My favourite reads of 2016 are a very random mix of fiction, self-help, business, spirituality and creativity. Each of these books (a couple I'm not fully finished yet) has taught me something unique that I can use in my business and personal life I love them all for completely different reasons and hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



Price of Silence by Ulla Hakanson A West Coast thriller set in Vancouver, B.C this book had me hooked from the very beginning. I normally take my time reading a book but this one had me fully absorbed and speed reading until the end. Loved the story and that I could recognize all the areas that the author so beautifully painted with her words. (The sequel is coming in 2017!)

Quiet by Susan Cain It is about the power of introverts and the many positive benefits that don't often get recognized in people who are on the more quiet side (not finished reading yet but LOVE so far). I've watched Susan Cain on Marie Forleo and listened to her recently on a podcast (can't remember which one, sorry!). I love her message and as someone who is has many introverted tendencies it helped me view these qualities in a new light.

The E Myth by Michael E. Gerber Great for business start-up tips and explains why many businesses fail. For entrepreneurs or anyone thinking of starting a business, I would definitely categorize this one as a "MUST READ". Full of practical tips and advice, be sure to keep a notepad by your side for all the key takeaways.

Toxic Criticism by Eric Maisel There are so many valuable insights and actionable steps in this book. With exercises and lessons, Eric Maisel helps uncover the many layers of criticism how we can better handle it. I really learned a lot from reading this and think it's one that I will continue reference back to for future help.

Emotions Revealed by Paul Ekman I'm still in the middle of reading this, but so far I've learned a lot about reading emotional facial clues (and signs of lying) and understanding how to better control our own emotional responses. Paul Ekman, who is a psychologist, dives deeply into the root of emotions in this fascinating book.

Messenger by Kate Tremills Love love love this book! Kate Tremills is a brilliant author and I'm also proud to call her a friend. Over the summer this book was exactly what I needed to get blissfully lost in when needing a break from work. She shares her gift of storytelling in this fantasy/fiction novel and it made me feel inspired by the main female character to follow my inner voice. (I'm so excited to read the sequel called Warrior, it's now out in Kindle with the paperback coming soon! Click here to view)

Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell All about finding your purpose and working your inner light. Sounds a little "woo woo", but it's actually full of very helpful and thought provoking tips/exercises aimed for bringing out your best and sharing your divine feminine energy. I love her ideas about the rise of women leaders and how each person has something valuable to share with the world. (GREAT FOR QUOTES!)

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert This is one book that I will probably list every year. I first read Big Magic in 2015 and it had such a positive impact on me, that it's included as a bonus in my coaching package. I love Elizabeth Gilbert's raw honesty, lessons and beliefs that she shares. I keep it by my desk at all times and like to randomly open it up at any page for inspiration. Creativity, fear, authenticity, ideas... it covers it all and was the final push I needed to chase my dreams.

Well, there you have it folks! Those are my favourite reads of 2016 and I've already started compiling my reading list for 2017. Looking forward to another year of learning, growing and sharing...

I would love to hear from YOU... What were your favourite reads of 2016? Let me know in the comments below! Much love,