3 Simple Ways to Find Exactly What Your Target Market Wants

The things you create have the potential to help build your email list, credibility, and become the very connection between you and your audience. Your content is capable of converting your social following into loyal fans while leading the way to make the sale and also helps boost your SEO. Creating something that your target market actually wants will help them achieve their goals as well as yours.

It can be overwhelming to know where to look, what to learn, and which steps are worth the time and effort. Trying to create content, services, and/or products that stand out from the others in your industry can be extremely difficult if all you're doing is guessing or assuming what your audience wants (it's also expensive to make avoidable mistakes). So, how do you find and create exactly what your target market wants? The goal here is to help you love the content you create and better serve your customers while also helping you earn trust, loyalty, and authority. Here are 3 simple ways to find out EXACTLY what your audience wants.

*Note: These steps won't mean anything unless you have already determined your target market and have a clear understanding of who you are aiming to serve. If you aren't sure yet and need help learning more, I'd be happy to chat with you in more detail. Book your 20-minute Free Assessment Call.


1. Ask

How confident are you in asking your audience questions? Whether it's to sign up for your mailing list, buy your service, engage in your social media post or fill out a survey - Do ever feel like you don't want to 'bother them' by asking? Do you hesitate because you fear they'll say no? If you answered yes to those questions, you're not alone. It's something that takes practice and we often have to overcome the negative mindset around reaching out to others and asking questions. This is the simplest, yet most effective way to learn what your target market wants from you, yet it so often gets overlooked. When in doubt… ASK!

I've had 10+ years in the sales industry where we were always asking questions, constantly following up, and still to this day, I find it to be one of the most important skills to continue building on.

People generally enjoy giving their opinions and it provides such valuable insights directly from your audience. Why waste time and money guessing what your target market wants... when you could just ask them what they want instead? Whether it's sending out a survey, hitting the streets, writing a personalized email, or sharing your question in a social media post, there is ALWAYS a way to ask. Questions = Connections

"Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers." - Robert Half.

2. Observe

Once you have a super clear idea of who your target market is and what type of niche you have... it's time to submerge yourself into all the places they hang out (in the real world & digital world). What I mean is, take the time to observe and listen to the everyday questions, concerns, and discussions the people in your target market are having. You can do this by going to shops, or events that they go to and sparking up genuine conversations, or simply by observing the interactions you see and hear them having with others.

Other easy ways that don't even require you leaving the house include researching Google's keywords/trends, tracking your Google Analytics for your website, and learning about the level of interest that people have within your niche (Google's Adwords tool is another great way to see what people are looking for). You can also gain a lot of valuable insights about your target market by thoroughly checking out the comment sections online (social media) and again, really observe your audience. Get in there, get engaged, and take advantage of all the open information that is right at your fingertips. If you have someone in your industry that you admire... go and see what their followers are asking. Find out which part of your service/product will bring something different to the table and learn if there is a particular void in your industry that isn't being filled yet.​

*Note: This is NOT about going in and stepping over boundaries or being negative towards someone else's business—I think there is an ethical way of sharing all of the public information that is so openly being posted online. Stay classy, stay supportive to your fellow boss ladies, and do your best to stay in your own lane by nurturing your own following and your own relationships. This is strictly meant for research purposes and gaining an understanding of what is already being offered, and how you can leverage your own unique qualities to better benefit your target market.

3. Test

Once you are confident with all the information you have learned by asking and observing, it's time to test it out! Whether you are using the insights you gained to create a new product, service, or opt-in package... a great way to test it out is by offering it for free to some of the members of your audience or even your friends/family (if they have similarities to your clients). Perhaps there was someone on your mailing list who put in extra time to answer your questions, or you want a way to say thank you to those who filled out your survey, or maybe there was someone you felt a special connection with on social media who are always showing interest in your work. Most people will be thrilled to get something (especially when it's something they helped create) for free and will also be happy to share feedback about what you created. Not only will this potentially give you new testimonials to add to your site, but it will also help you make any necessary changes or corrections before launch the real thing. The testing process might even take multiple attempts, but this step will pay you back ten-fold once you have fine-tuned and created the EXACT thing that your target market wanted. Yes, it takes time to go through and do these extra steps before launching a new product/service/content but creating something GREAT does take time... and in the end, you are doing what's best for your audience and for your business.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you aren't selling to your audience, then it's time to make some changes in your business. When it comes to serving your audience and creating something they actually want, it helps to go through the steps of asking, observing and testing. These 3 simple ways of finding what your target market wants will help increase empathy and understanding. If you're able to connect deeply with your customer's needs and feel what they are feeling, then you will have a very clear idea of how you can better serve them.

Not sure who your target market is? Or are you needing extra help finding your niche and launching your business? Let's talk about it! Book your FREE 20-minute Assessment Call.

Much Love, Megan