Small Business Design & Brand Development

You don't have to be perfect to start your small business. Most people get too hung up on the idea of needing to be perfect. And with perfection comes procrastination.


Do any of the following describe your current entrepreneurial struggles?​​

  • You’re chronically exhausted from trying to figure out everything by yourself

  • You keep chasing the next prospect vs. attracting the ideal client

  • Your messaging doesn’t stand out

  • You’re stuck in a perpetual game of “catch-up” with the ever-changing social media platforms

While these pains are common, please know that it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Let's work together on establishing your strategy and building the strong foundation that your business needs for lasting, sustainable growth and success. My mission is to help you go from overwhelmed and unfulfilled, to profitable with a purpose.


So let's start with where you are, with what you have and continue to build on that. Remember that you don't need to see the whole staircase to take the first few steps, and you certainly don't need anyone's permission to pursue your dreams.

Launch & succeed with confidence & ease...

Megan Barker will work with you one-on-one (via Skype or Zoom) to help you overcome your current obstacles and accomplish your business needs. No longer will you have to waste time wondering what to do next, or feel as if you're running in the same spot day-after-day without making the progress you know you're capable of. With customized weekly Action Lists, accountability, guidance, and support, you'll be able to work smarter, accomplish more and stress, less. 


Everyone struggles at times and there is no shame in that... But why make things even harder on yourself by taking your journey alone?  Being self-motivated and self-disciplined is often one of the biggest challenges in entrepreneurship but it certainly doesn't have to be. Just imagine what you'll be able to accomplish with the proper support and partnership.


Megan would be honoured to help you successfully evolve your business to new heights. 

Starting at $300 CAD


Embrace what makes you different...

Brand consistency is a key factor for building a recognizable, trusted business. Your brand goes so much deeper than what meets the eye. Essentially, your brand is your reputation, it's your first impression and it's your customer's experience. With that said, building a brand is also a ton of fun! It's time to turn up the volume on what makes you different so that you can stand out from your competitors and shine a light on your brand, all while remaining true to yourself.


Megan Barker and Michelle Fairbanks of Fresh Design will work closely with you throughout the entire branding process. With over 15 years experience, Michelle aims to keep her designs fresh - simple, beautiful and affordable. From logos, book covers and business cards to social media banners, templates and more ... 


Your branding experience also includes full access and support in completing Megan's signature Brand Like You Give a Damn Workbook so that you can be fully confident and gain an in-depth understanding of: ​​

  • Your vision and the beliefs you have for your business

  • Your values and mission statement 

  • Your voice, style, and your unique factor

  • Your visuals, and how your brand will be recognized both online and offline

Starting at $300 CAD


Attract new clients & keep them coming back...

From the first contact to following up after the sale – Megan will go through your entire sales process with you, from the perspective of your customer. With over a decade in sales, management and customer service, Megan draws from her experiences in creating an exceptional customer experience.

Word of mouth is like gold. People are much more likely to purchase a product or service when they hear about it from a friend. On the other hand, a negative experience or review can just as easily impact your sales and prevent some people from even giving you a chance. This is why Megan believes that every business interaction, no matter how big or small, should be treated with respect and importance. Whether it be friends, family, new customers or repeat customers... When you leave people with a positive experience you will be building trust, loyalty, and raving fans.


This Evaluation is so that you can take an in-depth look at your entire customer experience, find opportunities for improvement, and ensure that you're delivering the type of service that will turn your clients into repeat clients who are excited to tell their friends!

Starting at $200 CAD


Confidently present your business to the world...

Is it time for you to come out of the entrepreneurial closet? A beautiful and functional website that communicates your brand story and attracts sales is key. I serve small business who are ready for an elevated online presence with custom Wix or  Squarespace website designs.


Whether you have a blog,  service, product or online program that you're ready to launch... having a memorable, quality website is an essential part of creating the #LaptopLifestyle you dream of. 


The DIY route can be frustrating and have a lengthy learning curve. So whether you have tried building your site already or just know it's not something you would like to attempt, then the good news is you don't have to! We build custom websites on Wix or Wordpress that will match your talent and brilliance!

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