Kind  Words

"I knew I wanted to start a brand and expand my business but felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and a bit scared of knowing where to start. I decided to reach out in hopes that Megan would help me narrow and focus on my ideas and keep me accountable - that is exactly what she did!


We narrowed my ideas down, discovered what my brand was going to be, created a logo, website, consistent branding on Instagram, and now working on growing my newsletter list and developing a free giveaway which will hopefully turn into a product that I can sell online.


Megan has been such an integral part in my business and I know I wouldn't be where I was without her support!"

- Brittany Miller, Fit by Britt

"When I decided to brand my Doula Business all I had was the name of my business and a loose idea of what I wanted the branding to look like. Once I met Megan I knew she would be the person to have my vision come true and I was right.


She answered all of my questions and was so patient during the process. When I saw the finished product I was so in love! I'm so happy I decided to work with Megan.


I would recommend her to anyone at any stage of the branding and design process. I loved working with Megan and will continue to do so! Thank you, Megan, for being part of VAMA Life's development and growth!"

- Arti Naidu, Doula, Vama Life Wellness

"The biggest transformation I noticed from working with Megan was the growth in my community. Prior to working with Megan, I found myself with a million and one thoughts and ideas in my head without a concrete plan for how to put them into action. I was overwhelmed and couldn't find a place to get started. Megan helped me not only to organize my thoughts but to put my plan into action. She helped me achieve so much more than I thought I was capable of. 


Do yourself a favour and work with Megan now if you want to not only grow your business but develop meaningful relationships and SALES. As someone who has a million ideas, Megan not only took those ideas and put them into action steps, she helped me achieve them and helped me see many of my goals become reality. Megan has amazing marketing ideas and never says something can't be done. Her action lists are spot on and give you something concrete to visualize your plan with. Megan is not only an incredible business coach but has also become an even better friend and I can't wait to start up my next round of coaching with her."

- Danielle Boyd, The Balanced Collective

"Megan is remarkably focused and clear. Her knowledge and the gentle ways in which she brings it forward has made it a very pleasant way of learning for me. She does her research and puts a lot of thought into her advice.  I love the Action Lists! It's helpful and kept me on track. I also appreciate the list of apps, references, and links she provided me with. She listens, is sensitive and gives clear direction.


Megan, thank you so much! It’s going to be really useful for me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the help you’ve been giving me since we first started to work together. You’re a true professional and I imagine anyone signing up with you will benefit greatly. You’re a class act all around! I trust you and I’m very happy to know that I can turn to you for additional support."

- Ulla Hakanson, Author, The Price of Silence

"I first met Megan Barker in 2010 when she interviewed and hired me at the company she worked for. Right away I admired her coaching and management skills and the way she spoke to and connected with the staff. We've remained close friends since then and last year I decided to confide in Megan about my dreams and aspirations. 


Together, we created my first business plan and she has provided me with guidance, love, and support throughout the entire start-up process. She was a strong foundation in helping me get my business off the ground, and I'm so happy with how much I've been able to accomplish. Megan continues to be very consistent in holding me accountable and helping me plan my short-term and long-term goals.


Over the years as my business changed and developed, Megan has always been by my side helping me execute my plans. A few times I have brought time-sensitive projects to her and she always completed them in a timely manner with great quality. I would highly recommend Megan for your business needs!"

- Alicia Chowen, Hair Stylist, Entrepreneur,  The Texture Workshops

"From her ability to understand and articulate the deep systemic influences on human behavior, to her ability to make me laugh till I cry, Megan has time and time again given me hope, helped me find clarity, and boosted my self-esteem. 


Megan has helped me to make life-changing decisions that have guided me on a very successful and healthy path, that without her guidance and support, I don’t think I would have made it on my own. I surround myself with a lot of wonderful people, and for a long time now have referred to Megan as the most brilliant person I know. Whether it's assertiveness training, a style guru, a genius businesswoman, or an honest friend, I truly believe that Megan was put here to share her powerful skills with others."

- Elizabeth Anne, Youth Care Worker

"Before working with Megan, I was feeling hopeful about my business at best. I wasn’t happy with my ‘look’ and overall ‘feel’ of my website and business cards. I was struggling with the idea of paying another person to potentially deliver another design that didn’t hit the spot. I decided to work with Megan and found I could trust her. She listened well and was so patient with me. I’m very happy with the results.


Megan’s dedication to my business went beyond expectations and she was very professional yet friendly. She has so much to offer business owners and her style is beautiful. Megan was a pleasure to work with. Even though she is across the ocean on the other side of the world, she was able to communicate clearly and promptly. I’m very happy with Megan’s services and recommend her confidently. Thank you, Megan!"

Joanne Lauthier, Founder of My Vegan Vouchers

"Megan is easy to talk to and provides excellent recommendations. She draws on her own experience as a small business owner and leverages her expertise to help you grow your own business. I truly appreciate her concrete suggestions, and I would absolutely recommend Megan to anyone who needs some guidance. Thanks, Megan!"

- Jesse Holth, Writer & Editor, Jesse Holth

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